represents composers, producers, songwriters, recordlabels and music publishers in 

                                               territories optional to the needs.

          Furthermore we are active in music consulting, legal representation and services

                For more information please contact us by email

                                 is an initiatve of Greenheart Publishing - Netherlands

           We focus on administrating and collecting performing, mechanical & neighbouring rights and sync royalties.

                                                        For the world or for certain territories only

                     We are interested in making deals for administration worldwide,  pan-european or on a

                                                                   territory by territory basis.


These are our activities & services

* Administration/  Collection of performing, mechanical and neighbouring rights

* Legal advise and consulting

* Maximalisation of royalty income

* Synchronisation for film, commercials, audiovisual productions and television

* Placement of music tracks on compilations

* Clearances of music, samples and tracks.

* Management of our ‘Greenheart Production Music’ label and third party labels .